How we are working during the coronavirus pandemic

We are open and fully functioning in the services we provide to clients, and you are still able to make bookings for circumcisions.

However, please note, we follow strict Public Health England and Government guidelines and regulations on social distancing, and keeping people safe.

For example, we screen our patients and parents for the COVID-19 and advise you not to attend the clinic if you have a high-temperature symptoms or you have been in contact with anyone with flu-like symptoms.

Among others, we also advise you to bring only 2 members of the family i.e. 2 parents, when coming to the clinic. This is to ensure there are no overcrowding issues, and for us to ensure you do not come into unnecessary contact with others, but only our reduced number of essential clinic staff.

We will keep waits in the clinic to a minimum, by recommending you stay in your car and by providing hand sanitiser gels and allowing you to wash your hands to in order to keep you safe.

We use Government recommended PPE and our staffs are screened for COVID-19 as well. We also advise you to follow Government guidelines such as wear masks where advised etc.

If you have any concerns, please speak to us or call 111.

NOTICE: We are now providing special sedation service(light sleep) for restless,

frightened or autistic children more than 5years old and adults.