Inclusive Circumcision Service

Our Inclusive Circumcision Service

We provide faith and non-faith based inclusive circumcision services for all age groups, including adults. 30% of our patients are from non-faith based or other religious background.

Our customers come from almost all countries of the world namely Bangladesh, Pakistan, India including Gujrat, Tamil, Arab countries, Turkey, Algeria, Morocco, Kosovo, Albania, Bosnia, and Azerbaijan among many others.

Our customer base extends to a large number of non-Islamic faith populations, these include adults, children, and babies with an Afro-Caribbean background (the Caribbean, Ghana, Nigeria, Gambia, Mali, Congo, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Ivory coast etc), and also from Philippines, Fiji, and various parts of eastern Europe (Poland, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary etc) from all faiths for health and hygiene reasons.

Over the years we have performed thousands from non-faith based cultural/ritual circumcisions including many for adults. We understand their cultural background and cater their needs. In fact, our nurse/surgical practitioner (Joseph Rogers) is, himself, from an Afro-Caribbean background. Although we are next to the mosque, we are not part of the mosque. We are independent and based at new Maryam centre.

We actively promote equality and diversity and we have a policy in place against all types of discrimination. In fact, our surgeons work in the NHS and registered with GMC and member of BMA and Royal College.

We have pioneered relatively painless adult circumcisions with a good safety record. Please see the Health Benefits page and FAQs section.

We are multi lingual (Bengali, Urdu, Hindi, Sierra Leone) and we can arrange an interpretation service for other languages, although at some extra cost. You are welcome to bring your own interpreter if you wish. Please inform us beforehand if you need any special arrangements or have particular religious needs.

Interpreter service

An interpreter can be arranged for certain languages upon request beforehand.  This may incur some extra costs. You are, however, welcome to bring your own interpreter if desired.

Bengali and Urdu speaking clients

Our receptionists and clinical staff speak Bengali, Urdu, and Hindi fluently.

Somali speaking client

We also have information sheet in Somali language and Somali interpreter can be arranged upon request beforehand at extra cost.

Turkish speaking clients

We respect the Turkish way of having children circumcised and this can be arranged upon request with some extra cost.

However, certain faith may prefer to do in certain religious way such as by Mohel or Rabbi, which are well established religious norms. We respect peoples’ choice and beliefs.

NOTICE: We are now providing special sedation service(light sleep) for restless,

frightened or autistic children more than 5years old and adults.