Circumcisions in London

Musalmani, ختان, Gudniin

The LSC is one of the leading circumcision and small surgical centres in London, and we pride ourselves on providing a dedicated service to all our patients.

Care Quality Commission

The LSC is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and services are assessed to check that they are safe, effective, caring, responsive and well-led.

Safe & Sterile Environment

We provide our services within clean, safe and sterile practises based in reputable clinics. The LSC has a high safety record and always implements best practise.

NHS Surgeon

Our lead doctor, Mr. (Dr) Mohammed Hossain Howlader is a practising NHS consultant surgeon with over 20 years experience, and has worked in some of the top London hospitals.

Meet Our Doctor & Team

Our qualified NHS consultant doctor and team will take care of your needs.

The Maryam Centre Clinic

The LSC provides circumcisions in London through the East London Mosque's flagship centre, the Maryam Centre.

Circumcision Health Benefits

The World Health Organisation acknowledges circumcisions reduces the risk of heterosexually acquired HIV infection in men by approximately 60%.

WHO Website

Mr (Dr.) Mohammad Hossain Howlader

Consultant Surgeon


Dr. Mohammad Hossain Howlader has trained in many branches of surgery since 1994. He started his career in Urology at
the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Woolwich. He is now a consultant surgeon the NHS with an honorary lecturer-ship appointment at UCL since 2012.


We perform circumcisions in accordance with the Islamic belief and tradition (sunnah) of the Prophet Ibrahim (as) and Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) for Muslims.

We also provide circumcisions in accordance with parents’ religious belief, culture and tradition from other faiths. Our staff are from a diverse background (please inform us beforehand if you have any special request).

We are regulated by the CQC and our staffs are registered with professional bodies such as GMC and BMA, and we also within the NHS.

Islamic Tradition

The best time for a circumcision is when a child is still a baby. This ensures the best comfort possible. However, we provide circumcisions for boys of all ages.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found male circumcisions could help decrease the risk of HIV and sexually transmitted infections.

Our high qualified consultant NHS surgeon also performs other surgery including revision of circumcisions, frenuloplasty, the removal of lumps and bumps, hernia repair, gallbladder surgery, endoscopy, weight loss surgery, gastric and oesophageal surgery.

All our patients are important to us and we endeavour to help should any difficulties arise after a procedure. Our doctor is available 24-hours a day, for your peace of mind after any surgery.

Important: For best practice and safety, we do not deliver any of our circumcision services at homes.

It is always recommended to have minor surgical procedures carried out in a safe and sterile clinical environment. This ensures safety for young children and babies.

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