London Surgical Centre

Sunnah Circumcision Clinic (Previously at Maryam Centre, Currently at LMC)

Specialised Circumcision Clinic in London

Musalmani, সুন্নৎ, Tohara, Sünnet, ختنہ, Gudniinka, સુન્નત, Kaciya

baby adult male circumcision surgery clinic in east london
  • Reassurance & peace of mind: our staff are well trained, experienced and vetted for this type of clinic. Parents are given a clear explanation before the procedure about what to expect as well as aftercare instructions in plain English and in other languages.
  • Friendly rapport with the child and pain free relaxed environment.
  • Relatively pain free technique (pain only 10 seconds from local anaesthetic injection using a tiny needle). We check to ensure numbness/ absence of pain before starting the procedure.
  • 24 hours aftercare with emergency support and routine telephone follow up after 24 hours. Painkiller jel and Medications are provided.
  • Personalised 24/7 one to one care and contact with the lead surgeon via text, Whatsapp, phone and email.
  • Free telephone consultation with surgeon before the surgery or booking.
  • We give adequate time and it takes on average 60 minutes for the procedure from the consultation o discharge.
circumcision surgery clinic in east london penis khitan

Circumcision surgery clinic & cost. why do boys get circumcised
  • Our surgeon and clinic have been featured in BBC and Channel 4 documentaries.
  • Cost/pricing: includes consultation before the procedure, medications, aftercare and follow ups as needed. We are the best clinic at a competitive affordable rate starting from £160 for infants.
  • All age groups of male circumcision from infant, babies, toddler, children, teens and adults.
  • We are outside London congestion charging zone and parking is free whole day at weekends and after 5:30 pm at weekdays and ‘Pay and display’ or pay by phone at other times.

Word Of Mouth


Very clean, staff were very welcoming and they explained the procedure and aftercare clearly. Even though we was late they still did the procedure for our Son. Definitely would recommend this place!

Stacey Williams

Masha Allah the service was excellent, the consultants were professional and polite.

Donald Kingsley
Local Guide

Very good service, dr explained everything beginning to the end, very clean and tidy and hygienic clinic also staff are very friendly and profession,, overall im very happ. Highly recommended

Zafarmohammed Ullah

It is really good place, hygiene is good staff are good friendly Dr explained very well. Highly recommended

Md Jashim Uddin

I came with my son, I was very scared because it was my first time in this country but when staff and Dr howlader explained us everything then we understood and everything went very well. Excellent service
I’ll definitely recommend others

afzal hussain mohammad

NOTICE: We are now providing special sedation service(light sleep) for restless,

frightened or autistic children more than 5years old and adults.