Child & Young Person Circumcisions

Circumcisions for Children in London

Circumcisions are common for boys in certain parts of the world, and it involves removing the foreskin covering the tip of the penis. Whether you are circumcising your son for religious practise or for his general health and well-being, the London Surgical Centre is here to help you through the process. We carry out circumcisions for boys and young people in a sterile and safe environment, from our clinics in London.

When should you circumcise your child?

This can be a difficult age group, as they often are scared and may cry after a local anaesthetic injection. It is wise to prepare your child before the procedure and reassure him. The pain from the injection lasts for as little as 10 seconds. If possible, get your son circumcised as a baby, but we can circumcise older boys when they missed out an infant circumcision – better late than never.

 How long is recovery?

Young children tend to take longer than infants to recover after the procedure, as their skin is more mature and tougher to fall off after ring procedure.

 What is the best procedure?

Although traditional cutting and suturing can have some advantages for them, it is regarded less safe as it involves sharp objects with potential harm to a restless child and more time consuming than the ring system. Ring is generally accepted as safer, however, they tend to take up to 2 weeks to fall off, and both methods can cause bleeding, swelling and pain as well as urinary problems in a small number of cases.


We provide the best after-care for all our patients. All the relevant information and best practise after the surgical procedure is provided by our chief doctor and surgeon.

Children Circumcisions in London