Sunnah Circumcisions Maryam Centre – East London Mosque

Maryam Centre Sunnah Circumcision clinic

The East London Mosque’s flagship Maryam Centre is where the London Surgical Centre (LSC) is based. Operating from the 6th floor of the Centre on Sundays, the LSC provides circumcisions and minor surgical services in London.

We provide an inclusive service to all our patients irrespective of race or religion.

Our staff are regulated by GMC and BMA ethics and our service is regulated by CQC.

East London Mosque Circumcisions

How to find the Maryam Centre

The Maryam Centre is located at 45 Fieldgate Street, London E1 1ES. This is behind the East London Mosque and London Muslim Centre on Whitechapel Road, London E1.


The Maryam Centre
45 Fieldgate Street
London E1 1ES

Call us to Book an Appointment

T: 0208 586 0437
M: 07983 07 27 79
M: 07944 91 44 63

Open Hours

Appointment Monday to Sunday

Clinic at Weekends & Holidays

09:00  – 18:00

09.00 – 17.30